Who We Are

Blinkware is proud to be the inventors of a revolutionary AI software that is redefining human medical imaging and visual inspection across the globe.

Established in 2013, Blinkware is a multifaceted AI software house with key strengths in Human Imaging Medical Technology at the forefront coupled with advanced Visual Inspection and Gesture Recognition capabilities.

Intelligently designed Blinkware’s web based AI software functions on mainstream computer hardware coupled low cost 2D web cameras for visual inspection and gesture recognition.

With a plethora of worldwide clients, multiple international accolades under our belts and high profile international investors, Blinkware is placed amongst the top of its breed across the ASEAN and recognised for our outstanding talent, culture and passion that defines what we are today and shapes us towards the future.

Our Mission

Blinkware believes in order to enhance the quality of life, we must protect 2 precious gifts“ Health & Time”

3 High Impact Goals were formed with AI at the core and communities at our hearts:

  • Reducing Mortality Rates Through Early Mass Detection of Diseases
  • Mitigate The Risk Of Future Health Related Pandemics
  • Encourage Wealth Distribution in Developing Countries.

Our Vision

Blinkware is guided by a simple principal to save and enhance the quality of lives through Aritificial Super Intelligence.

Through advanced algorithims and image recognition capabilities Blinkware envisions a world where predictive technology empowers early stage diagnosis of life threatening diseases and identification of potential dileberating illnesses before the on-start, reducing long term suffering and heavy medical costs.

The People

The management of Blinkware Technology is under the perusal of key strategic positions which enables he company to operate dynamically and focused, while ensuring scalability in future developments, product management, user experience and breakthrough innovation.