AIRRE Inspect is a proprietary turnkey solution designed to revolutionise and ease the challenges of Quality Control Management experienced across industries.

By deploying state-of-the-art Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) software, defects, anomalies, and inaccuracies found through the supply chain are quickly detected for immediate attention, instantly improving throughput quality.

Unlike its predecessors, AIRRE Inspect is uniquely designed to integrate with mainstream 2D optical cameras, drastically eliminating the requirement for expensive hardware traditionally experienced for such solutions.

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Trusted by some of the world's largest companies, the AIRRE Bar is a rugged, versatile machine vision system that integrates with your existing production and conveyor hardware.

This eliminates the need to acquire and install entire, expensive systems, letting you transform factory processes through automation - while meeting your cost targets.

Build better, faster, and cheap

Armed with Blinkware's industry-leading optical recognition technology, the AIRRE Bar uses mainstream 2D cameras to perform accurate, fast, and complex inspections of medium and large components. Internet-of-Things integration gives you access to data collected by the AIRRE Bar from anywhere in the world.

The AIRRE Bar helps companies enhance quality and maximise productivity by:

- Detecting various defects

- Profiling and verifying products

- Measuring and gauging

- Collecting critical data

Built to suit

Because we understand every client is different, Blinkware Technology builds AIRRE Bar systems to suit your toughest demands. We go the distance, helping you achieve the quality, speed, and capacity to compete effectively in global markets.