Blinkware’s flagship AI medical web based scanning software to identify diseases and illnesses through medical imaging. Current version provides early diagnosis of 5 lung diseases with development to expand AI capabilities to include Brain, Breast and Heart scans for early diagnosis and predictive medicine.

Blinkware sets itself apart from competitors ensuring their solutions are easily accessible, highly affordable, simple to adopt with huge scale for mass reach and penetration.

Operating in the high growth health and manufacturing sector deploying a highly affordable Software As A Service (SaaS) model positions Blinkware strategically to expand exponentially

With international patents secured and growing technology advancements enables Blinkware to transition from general AI to a formidable force in super AI delivering its promise of “Saving of Lives Through Advanced AI Technology”.

Ai Medical Image Scanning To Identify Early Stage Diseases & Illnesses

  • Intelligent system to identify critical lung diseases through Chest X-Rays within seconds.
  • Real-time data and disease zoning to identify potential disease spread.
  • Early diagnosis at the GP levels to reduce mortality rates, health care costs and improve productivity.
  • Highly affordable to encourage mass scanning .
  • Future development includes Brain, Breast and Heart scans with predictive AI to predetermine new diseases formation in patients.

Whether it be traditional displays, projection mapping, augmented or virtual reality; coupled with our motion and gesture engine is assured to keep audiences captivated.

Sophisticated Image Processing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology using highly sophisticated image processing, machine learning & deep learning algorithms through the training multiple images has the ability to identify anomalies, defects or unusual shapes and patterns on live chest X-Rays.

By training the AI engine to understand specific lung abnormalities and feeding the system with hundreds and thousands of images will enable an automated identification of certain abnormalities when being detected.

Web Based AI Platform

Airre Scan performs X-ray analysis via cloud technology with no requirement for additional hardware.

Flexible, fast, adaptive, and mobile for simple to deploy and scale across multiple sites.

Superior Healthcare Solution

  • Highly scalable web based AI platform deployable across local clinics and hospitals nationwide.
  • Reduce strains on health workers and hospitals through early stage detection.
  • An early diagnosis tool at the frontline the for effective management of critical diseases.
  • Long term solution for tracking and monitoring raspatory disease outbreaks and pandemics.
  • Reduce loss in productivity through early stage detection and cost saves in the long term medical costs.